Building a Future Through Entrepreneurship

Today I watched a group of 9th grade students at Oakland Tech present their preliminary business plans to a panel of judges and was impressed by how much I can learn from those who are so much younger than I am. The showcase was part of the entrepreneur program created by BUILD whose mission statement reads:

Our mission is to provide real-world entrepreneurial experience that empowers youth from under-resourced communities to excel in education, lead in their communities, and succeed professionally.

It’s a great program that boasts a 70% graduation rate through the 4 year after school program and 100% of BUILD graduates go on to college. That’s even more impressive considering that the program deliberately picks the kids that most schools write off as being hopeless. Over the course of the program, the students prove beyond a doubt that they can succeed in life beyond what any statistical model would predict for them. That’s a skill I want to learn. The skill to exceed expectations. Continue reading