How to Make Your Investor Pitch Lean

Have you ever needed feedback on your investor pitch? Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area?
If you answered yes to both, we’re helping to promote the Lean Deck Clinic being put on by The Lean Coffee Meetup and hosted at the new San Francisco startup incubator Kicklabs. It’s a chance to present your pitch in front of a room of peers, 3 VCs and 3 angel investors like:
Gregarious Narin, Rich Colins, and I will be judging the presentation decks submitted to participate. So learn more and submit your application now. Below is a bit more information from Gregarious’ announcement:


  • 6:00pm Welcome
  • 6:15pm Deck Clinic
  • 7:00pm Welcome All / Food / Break
  • 7:30pm Key Performance Metrics Panel
  • 8:15pm Deck Presentations

Key Performance Metrics Panel

Lean Startups are deeply focused on measuring progress as part of the learning process. In a vacuum, metrics can get in the way of seeing the bigger picture. Our panel of clinicians will speak on the various KPIs they look for when evaluating a business and give some background on why these data points have historically proven valuable / predictive.

Deck Clinic

The Deck Clinic will present 18 startups with the opportunity to present their deck and receive immediate feedback. Startups will be grouped into sets of 3 and paired with a clinician (an angel, vc, or seasoned entrepreneur who can provide measured feedback). Each presentation will last for 15 minutes:

  • 10 minutes to present your deck
  • 5 minutes for feedback

Deck Presentations

Following the private presentations, the winning decks from each group will have the opportunity to present to the whole group for additional feedback. Each winner must make adjustments to their deck based on the feedback they received during the clinic.

When / Where

August 2-3 (TBD)
6:00pm – 9:30pm

250 Brannan Street, SF, CA

Here are the key dates to keep in mind for the Deck Clinic:

  • 07/25 – Submissions Deadline
  • 07/30 – Selections Announced
  • 08/02 – Deck Clinic

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