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We’ve been very fortunate and grateful to have worked with almost 2,000 entrepreneurs alpha testing startupSQUARE for the past few months.

Although we’ve received some great feedback, met some great friends, and had some modest success, we will be shutting downthe site on Friday, December 17th.

To read more about the reasons why, please read our blog. If you would like to look around in the meantime or hear about our next projects, please sign up at startupSQUARE and your account will be activated usually within 24 hours.

Thanks for your interest in startupSQUARE and best regards,
Manuel , Marcel , and Tristan

In case you were interested, our vision statement during operations is here:

Opportunities Won’t Wait

Every entrepreneur knows the frustration of seeing a potential business pass by because they couldn’t find the right business partner, funding, or other needed resource

Enabling Entrepreneurship

We want to enable entrepreneurship by creating a space where co-founders can meet one another and brainstorm the next big idea. Then we help turn those ideas into businesses by matching them with funding, tools, and services in a virtual marketplace.

But we want to go beyond that. We’d like to become a long term business partner who helps companies find the tools, services, and funding they need to thrive. We pledge to continue to push our business model further down the lifecycle of startups and tie our key metrics to the metrics of our customers. We will judge our success on the basis of whether or not we’re able to increase the percentage of entrepreneurs on our site who are able to form businesses and the percentage of those businesses that succeed.

In short, we want you to get your startup started!


We’ve started this blog to detail our own startup journey here and hopefully share some lessons learned so that you can chuckle about when we screw up and not make the same mistakes yourself. Please let us know if you have any feedback. We’d love to hear from you!


Manuel, Marcel, and Tristan

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